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Ballarat Patchwork is for all those people out there that loves fabrics and quilting. We are all about giving information on different types of fabrics used fro various products. Another side of Ballarat Patchwork is quilting. We want to give readers ideas on quilting and how it is done to create amazing artwork which can be used on almost anything, for homes, for restaurants, for businesses and more. There are limitless usage of quilt and we are an informative source for designs and fabrics.

Quilting is the process of stitching together two layers of fabric that is filled with a soft textile of which is usually cotton. In a sense, quilting is kind of like making a textile sandwich. We want to keep the quilting industry alive for the years to come, pass the knowledge from generation to generation. We want to share ideas with our beloved audiences throughout the internet for them to know more about fabrics and quilting. Some may find it a hobby but quilting can be for businesses as well.